Nails can be cut short, polished, and colored or simply painted. Short nails may be good for daily use but will hurt when you touch them. A long nail will be better for everyday wear but may hurt if you accidentally press it on something.

Nails need proper care. You may want to keep your nails in a pair of specially made dress gloves and take them out for special occasions. When you do not take them out for special occasions, they may become brittle and break off. Nails that are dull and start to split easily should be removed.

You can soak your nails in white vinegar once a week to disinfect them. Wash them gently under running water. Then you can apply the vinegar and dry them in the sun.

If you are going to be swimming, put a special dressing on your nails to protect them from the chlorine. After you are done with swimming, you can soak your nails in vinegar again. These will help to remove any traces of chlorine.

There are many nail care products available to use. They can be bought in the market and can be purchased without a prescription. Using them properly can keep your nails healthy and strong. Remember that they should not be used excessively.

Nail clippers are one of the most common products in stores. The fingernail clippers have blades that cut at the base of the nail to cut it. They also cut a groove around the nail so it is easier to trim and shape. These are generally sharp so they may injure your skin.

Nail files are available in two shapes. They are mainly used to shape the curve of the nail. They are either pointed or rounded. Nail file clippers come in various sizes to fit the exact size of your nails. Nail file powder is also available. The powder helps to remove the dead and soft nails quickly. With this, the file helps to file down the nails so that they are straight and perfect.

When you purchase a nail file you must use a couple of times a day and file your nails several times a week. Make sure you only file the tip of the nail so it is clean and clear. It is important to file your nails clean so that there is no build-up of residue.

Each time you file your nails, you should buff them thoroughly to make sure that they are smooth and even and are sparkling like new nail. To polish them, try to apply a mixture of nail polish remover and polish. Using a brush, gently rub the mixture on the nails and leave them to dry. Use a nail file away and polish it all off.

If you want your nails to be perfect and to last for a longer period of time, then you need to treat them well. This can be very costly especially if you are having expensive items that need regular manicures. But if you have a good supplier, then you will be able to maintain your nails and get them to last for a long time.

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