According to the United States National Institutes of Health, the medical community places the cause of diabetes as a genetic disease. People who have two copies of the defective gene, known as DKC6T, for insulin-dependent diabetes, also referred to as “wild type”, are at a higher risk of developing the disease than those who have just one copy of the gene.

As a person’s age increases, his or her risk of diabetes increases, as does the number of dysfunctional genes. The body’s inability to produce insulin can lead to the production of excessive glucose in the blood.

In fact, the primary cause of diabetes is not yet known. There are many theories as to how diabetes develops, and one of the most likely explanations is the presence of unhealthy lifestyle habits, such as eating too much sugar or fat, lack of exercise, and unhealthy weight.

Lack of physical activities, such as regular exercise, can increase the risk of having diabetes. Physical activity decreases your risk of developing diabetes as well as contributing to the prevention of diabetes and related problems.

Diet can be a major contributor to the development of diabetes. A diet full of refined carbohydrates, sweets, and trans fats can cause the pancreas to produce more insulin. Insulin, a hormone that helps your body to process sugar and fat, is also the cause of diabetes.

Diabetes is not a medical condition that is contagious. It is an inherited condition, so, if your parents have diabetes, you are more likely to get the disease than if your parents do not have it.

Although the complications of diabetes can be life-threatening, proper treatment can help to control the disease and prevent its complications. If diabetes is diagnosed early, this is possible.

It is also possible to delay the onset of diabetes by adopting healthy eating habits and lifestyle choices, such as not smoking, being physically active, and reducing the amount of alcohol consumed. Following these steps can help to avoid developing diabetes and improve the quality of life of people who have it.

Another way to avoid developing diabetes is to keep a regular routine of eating a healthy meal plan and exercise regularly. Healthy eating is important because it provides nutrients for the entire body, and exercise improves circulation, muscle strength, and flexibility.

Proper diabetes care will help a person’s blood sugar levels remain stable throughout the day. Not only will it help to control diabetes, but it will also help to keep the body healthy.

Diabetes is a serious illness, but diabetes is treatable, and the patient’s body can be kept healthy with the right amount of care. Because the cause of diabetes is still a mystery, treatment for diabetes must be considered an important aspect of maintaining good health.

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