I had been suffering from allergies since my childhood. Asthma, sinusitis, skin problems especially for itchy skin for a long time.

I grew up in Tokyo, Japan, and every winter season, I had to go to see a doctor to get some drugs and treatment cream for the itchy skin. During spring, I was suffering from my hay fever, and during autumn my asthma always appeared.

Going to see doctors and taking drugs were two of my life’s habits.

However, all the drugs worked only in the beginning, and I needed to take them often to kill the itch and other allergies.

Especially, while I was sleeping, the itches made me crazy because the drugs and cream didn’t help me.

I could not stop scratching everywhere even though I knew it would make it worse.

I had no idea that I could cure my itchy skin.

I moved to St. Louis, MO in the U.S.A. after I got married about 4 years ago and while I was there, I didn’t have to take any drugs for my itchy skin. Maybe St. Louis weather fit me

However, my husband had been suffering from his hay fever during the autumn to winter season for a long time since he moved to St, Louis for his work. It seems St. Louis is one of the worst places for allergy patients. So we decided to moved to Tucson, AZ a year later because we heard about Tucson is a good place for hay fever and allergies.

We took a road trip to move to Tucson and soon after we arrived at Sedona, AZ, my itchy skin reappeared because Arizona is a desert place and it’s very dry.

I needed to buy skin moisturizing lotion there and without that, I couldn’t sleep.

Putting Moisturizing lotions was not really comfortable, It makes your skin feel really sticky, and also it didn’t work enough.

But I often had to put on the moisturizing lotions. My husband also got itchy skin since our Italy trip. And it got worse and worse even after we came back from our trip. We tried many kinds of relief, but they all didn’t work.

Aloe and also Echinacea are famous for skin problems, so we tried it but it also didn’t help our itchy skin.

Our skin rashes were getting worse and worse because we could not stop scratching.

How we cured our Itchy skin?

While we were suffering from our itchy skin problem, I got a serious lung problems in June. I couldn’t breathe deeply because of the pain. It was really serious. I was afraid I need to have an operation for it. And I didn’t want to go to a hospital because I didn’t want to take drugs and wanted to fix it naturally since I read about natural remedies.

My husband rushed to a library to find out if there was any natural cure, and he bought several combinations of herbs on his way home.

Then I took the herbs he recommended. And the next day, my lung problem was gone!

We both were really shocked and since then my husband started researching more about the power of herbs and testing many kinds of herbs.

Within 2 months, he discovered an amazing herb formula. Since he tested one of the herb, his itchy skin was gone within a day!

So I also tried it. Yes! It worked perfectly! How nice we can sleep without any itchy feeling!

We don’t have to use skin moisturizing lotion anymore. There is no info saying that this herb works for itchy skin. It was by accident my husband found that herb.

He continued researching more about the natural remedies because he also wanted to cure his hay fever and a year later, finally he could discover his original strong hay fever natural remedy cure.

Now we both are having a very healthy life. I had been suffering from my health problem for a long time, so I can really say without health, we can not have a happy life.

Natural remedies work! You just have to take the correct ones.

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