Animal party themes can be a great success for kids of ages. But what kind of animal theme should you choose? And how do you apply that theme? Here are some ideas.

Jungle Animals

Jungle animals like monkeys, snakes, parrots, jaguars, and tigers are beloved by many children. While they are not technically “jungle” animals, the big cats of the African plains are usually included in such a theme, too, such as lions and cheetahs. A jungle theme can be fun to decorate. Use construction paper to make big leaves; use stuffed animals all around the room, and hang brown and green crêpe paper to look like vines.

Puppies and Kittens

Puppies and kittens are popular with children, as any parent whose child has begged them for a pet knows! Face painting can make kids look like their favorite puppy or kitten, and headgear with dog or cat ears can help kids’ imaginations come alive. Serve food in dog and cat bowls, and use pet toys in the party games. If a real puppy or kitten can participate in the party, all the better!


Horses have been a popular party theme for some time. You can do a western/cowboy theme using horses, or go from a wild horse or dressage angle. You don’t have to have pony rides; guests can do relay races with stick horses, eat apples without their hands, and sit on hay bales. They can play a game of horseshoes, too!

Farm Animals

Little kids are especially fond of farm animals, which may explain why so many books for young children focus on farm animals. Like the horse party, using bales of hay or straw for seats or decorations helps set the theme. Straw hats make good favors and decorating them can be a fun craft for the party guests. An egg hunt would be a fun game, too – it doesn’t have to be Easter!


The bug theme can be lots of fun, whether you go with cute little ladybugs or fun creepy crawlies. There are lots of candies with bug shapes, and jelly worms are always a favorite. Make chocolate “dirt” for food, and guests can make their own bugs out of construction paper, Styrofoam, craft foam, or whatever works for your budget and age group.


An ocean theme with fish can be very colorful and fun. Fishing games of all kinds are easy to arrange for all ages, and brightly colored fish pictures can be cut out of magazines, printed from your computer, or cut out of construction paper. Jellyfish can be served in blue Jell-O, or you can enjoy an ocean-themed cake. Guests can decorate their own beach buckets with fish stickers.

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