Cellulite can ruin your self-confidence and appearance. It is a common occurrence for women to have cellulite. They come in various shapes and sizes but the main cause for cellulite formation is fat deposits. It is often described as cottage cheese shaped fat with clusters of dimples and folds.

Cellulite occurs when there is excess fat that accumulates in and around the skin folds and connective tissue areas. Most of these fat cells are not visible. This is why women always think they are fat when they do not have fat deposits at all. However, cellulite results from fat cells that bulge out of the skin and store up under the skin.

When the fats accumulate in the skin folds, they rub together and become embedded. This causes the skin to lose its flexibility, forming lumpy regions. It is this lack of flexibility that makes cellulite common.

In most cases, cellulite on a woman’s body does not develop until the mid-thirties. The reason is that the hormones that control the fat growth peaks at the same time when the estrogen level increases. These hormones boost fat and collagen production in the body.

Any form of daily work or exercise can damage the skin and cause cellulite. However, these activities may not be very effective as a preventative measure. This is the reason why exercise should only be done when it is needed, like after a stressful day.

It is important to increase the exercise routine on a regular basis. Before doing any exercise program, it is important to ask your doctor. He or she can prescribe a proper exercise routine to you.

Even though cellulite is not considered a serious illness by doctors, it is still necessary to exert extreme efforts to avoid and prevent the condition. There are many treatments that can be found at the medical stores and online. If cellulite has been known to be developed because of a certain disease or an unhealthy lifestyle, most treatment methods that work can also be found online.

Exercises and medications can be combined. They are usually combined with physical activity programs. Some medications have been made to avoid the formation of cellulite. These medications can be found in the market.

Eating foods rich in fiber such as whole grains, seeds, fruits, and vegetables can lessen the cellulite build up in the body. Fruits and vegetables are rich in fiber. Fiber helps remove excess fats from the body and keep cellulite-free.

A high fiber diet may also help you to decrease fat deposits and reduce cellulite. A healthy diet may be the easiest way to prevent the formation of cellulite. To be more effective, you should check your diet and take supplements in the market.

If you suffer from cellulite, you may consider having laser treatments as a treatment method. It is a fast and effective method to remove cellulite in less than a week.

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