The process of aging is irreversible, even if you have done everything you can think of to delay it. If you think that you are already into your golden years, you should not be dismayed by the thought of the progression of aging.

There are a lot of new theories about aging that do not agree with each other. The consensus is that the theory that it is the accumulation of free radicals inside your body, which affects our growth, is correct, but the other theories are definitely not so.

Actually, we all have germs that get passed from one generation to another, but the aging process itself is not related to the germ factor. What age does involve is our body’s ability to use the proteins and nutrients we eat properly and the “wear and tear” that we all get used to doing on our bodies.

How to slow down the aging process? This can be done through all the above means, but the most effective way is through nutrition: in other words, you need to find ways to improve your food choices.

By choosing the right foods, the healthiest ones, we could actually slow down the aging process and delay it for a long time. Let’s see what some better choices are.

Green leafy vegetables are excellent food choices. They are rich in vitamins and minerals, and in the anti-oxidants needed by our bodies to function properly. Of course, nothing beats water as an essential part of our nutrition, but these veggies will help.

Whole grains are not only good for you but they will help protect you from those deadly free radicals. In addition, they make your digestion work faster and more efficiently, which is also good for us.

Dark meat is healthier than light meat. Many people tend to go for the fattier cuts, but this is not always healthy. It is better to eat less fat and have lean meat.

Red meat contains a lot of cholesterol, which causes aging. Lean meats, including poultry, are safer to eat. Having a diet rich in fruits and vegetables is also helpful because it helps the body break down the food quickly.

When it comes to drinking, there are many suggestions on how to slow down aging, such as drinking lots of water, chewing gum, or eating fresh vegetables and herbs. So remember, drinking plenty of water will be important too, and eating fresh vegetables is vital.

So why not take the time to figure out how to slow down aging? You can live longer and stronger, and you can do it without taking any risks.

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